Vertical Gardens Northwest, LLC


In an effort to support the "Grow your own" movement we have set out to bring you products to support your sustainability efforts. Our products bring the reality to growing your own assortment of edibles and or oxygen generating plants to any space. Have you always wanted to grow a garden but felt an inability to grow one due to space? These products prepare you for such an opportunity while thinking vertically versus in ground. You can set up your garden space outdoors or indoor. Imagine the possibilities they are truly limitless. With a little imagination your can create the garden of your dreams in an unlikely space you've never thought would work. We are here to provide you with the tools and products to make this a reality. Our planter products are enhanced with self watering capabilities and are designed to add life to your plantings, giving you opportune ability for a successful garden. These planters will also bring a beautiful creative and living artistic vibe to any space they are planted in. So if your considering a new piece of art for a home or place of business consider the unusual unique living art vs. the standard form. These planters will bring a theme of beauty and life to your space.

Everett Makers Market March Edition

Come check us out this Saturday March 19th from 1pm to 6pm. We will be open selling our planters @ 1420 Hewitt Ave., Everett WA 98201. Here is the event link and more information. We look forward to meeting you there!

Lets get ready to kick off spring together! Are you perhaps looking for a new custom journal to record your garden chart in or pen the next bestseller? Burned off a couple pounds and need a new belt? You've decided your apron is no longer a suitable handbag? Maybe you want to bring some life to your home or office with living plants, we got you! Whatever your spring dream is we've aimed to bring it to you at this months Everett Makers Market. We are an indoor venue so come out rain or shine you won't regret it! 

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Girl Scout Troop #41561
Support your local Girl Scout Troop /#41561 from 1-3pm. They will have a representative selling your new and old favorite cookies for $4 a box cash only. The troop is raising funds for summer camp. Yummy!

Free garage parking at the Everpark Garage, located at 2815 Hoyt Avenue between Hewitt and California. Kitty corner from the Basecamp venue location of the Everett Makers Market.

Here you have access to the best vertical garden / living wall planters on the market.  These planters are self-watering and are made of food grade, uv stabilized  materials. Please don't hesitate to order today.   If you require further assistance contact us at