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In an effort to support the "Grow your own" movement we have set out to bring you products to support your sustainability efforts. Our products bring the reality to growing your own assortment of edibles and or oxygen generating plants to any space. Have you always wanted to grow a garden but felt an inability to grow one due to space? These products prepare you for such an opportunity while thinking vertically versus in ground. You can set up your garden space outdoors or indoor. Imagine the possibilities they are truly limitless. With a little imagination your can create the garden of your dreams in an unlikely space you've never thought would work. We are here to provide you with the tools and products to make this a reality. Our planter products are enhanced with self watering capabilities and are designed to add life to your plantings, giving you opportune ability for a successful garden. These planters will also bring a beautiful creative and living artistic vibe to any space they are planted in. So if your considering a new piece of art for a home or place of business consider the unusual unique living art vs. the standard form. These planters will bring a theme of beauty and life to your space.


Wow it certainly has been sometime since we've last taken a moment to check in via the ole webpage blog. So we've moved headquarters to a new production space where now we have plenty of room to continue to produce our ever expanding line of ceramics planters and wall garden systems. We couldn't be happier! Our latest exploration in the line of ceramic planters has been our in the buff collection. Where we mix and marble a variety of clays to make a truly unique and one of a kind product experience with each piece. No two of our pieces are exactly the same. Since we wheel throw or handbuild all of our items. Our intention is not to make copy cats but unique items for you to enjoy and treasure. They are all handmade with a special attention to detail and we embrace all the imperfections that happen along the process. Let us know what you think!! And happy planting!! 



In process marbled In The Buff Planters

In process marbled In The Buff Planters

Large In The Buff Planter

Large In The Buff Planter

Large In The Buff Wall Pocket planted with an adorable English Ivy. 

Large In The Buff Wall Pocket planted with an adorable English Ivy. 

Everett Makers Market Shop Small Shop Local November 26th!

Instead of buying what everybody else can have come out and buy unique custom gifts out at the Everett Makers Market. #treatyoself

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Everett Makers Market April Edition

Come check us out April 23rd form 1-6pm at the Everett Makers Market. Located indoors at 1420 Hewitt Ave., Everett WA 98201. We will have a variety of organic herb starts and our assortment of hanging Vertical Garden Planters and Air-plants. We hope to see you there and here is some more info about the event. 



April is definitely one of our favorite months of the year, how about you? Flowers are in bloom the air is fresh and we get this amazing thing called the sun peeking out its lovely orb more often and the days are longer. With all this sprintime magic happening we hope you can take a bit of time to come visit.

Please come on out and join us April 23rd for a great afternoon of shopping from 1pm to 6pm and get to know a great group of local makers making awesome things! We will have a wide range of wonderful products offering a little something special for everybody. This is an indoor venue so come out rain or shine. 

Featured Vendors:

Kri Kri Studo ,

Vertical Gardens Northwest

Whiskey Wicks

Whiskey Ink and Lace

Narwhal Notions

Make Do

Quintessentialarts Jewelery

Smoothest Bitch Scrubs

Nelson Knife Co.

Neptune Creations

Lasered Designs

Sunshine Honey Company

Venecia Writes

Cheshire Chocolate Co.

Scary White Girl

Soniphone Records

Free garage parking at the Everpark Garage, located at 2815 Hoyt Avenue between Hewitt and California. Kitty corner from the Basecamp venue location of the Everett Makers Market.

*More vendors will be added keep a look out for some new and previously featured favorites! We look forward to seeing you all soon! And this event is always free to attend :)

**To be considered as a future vendor please message Everett Makers Market direct:

Everett Makers Market March Edition

Come check us out this Saturday March 19th from 1pm to 6pm. We will be open selling our planters @ 1420 Hewitt Ave., Everett WA 98201. Here is the event link and more information. We look forward to meeting you there!

Lets get ready to kick off spring together! Are you perhaps looking for a new custom journal to record your garden chart in or pen the next bestseller? Burned off a couple pounds and need a new belt? You've decided your apron is no longer a suitable handbag? Maybe you want to bring some life to your home or office with living plants, we got you! Whatever your spring dream is we've aimed to bring it to you at this months Everett Makers Market. We are an indoor venue so come out rain or shine you won't regret it! 

Featured Vendors:

Vertical Gardens Northwest

Soniphone Records

Silver + Salt

Red Lotus Pottery


Hapertas & Company

BookGrain Journals

Eli Wolf

Nelson Knife Co.

Earthy Tones

Scarlet Ibis Coffee

House Of Wolves Leather

Keepin It Creepy

Sunshine Honey Company

Cheshire Chocolate Co.

Elizabeth Person

Girl Scout Troop #41561
Support your local Girl Scout Troop /#41561 from 1-3pm. They will have a representative selling your new and old favorite cookies for $4 a box cash only. The troop is raising funds for summer camp. Yummy!

Free garage parking at the Everpark Garage, located at 2815 Hoyt Avenue between Hewitt and California. Kitty corner from the Basecamp venue location of the Everett Makers Market.

Everett Makers Market February-Valentines Edition!

Come check us out and treat your sweet to a gorgeous new living wall or hanging planter vertical garden. Located inside at 1420 Hewitt Ave., Everett, WA 98201 February 13th from 1-6pm. Hope to see you all there!

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January 23rd Everett Makers Market 1420 Hewitt Ave., Everett WA 98201

We're excited to be at this months Everett Makers Market! We are bringing some great new plants and designs to the mix so come check us out. Here is a little more info and a listing of all the vendors who will be there. A great mix of local Artistic Entrepreneurs. Come check us out and treat yourself to something new and fabulous for 2016! 


Come join us for our January edition of the Everett Makers Market. Celebrate a new you in 2016 with some great new items from our awesome local artisan makers. We will have a variety of wares for you and all your lifestyle needs. We look forward to seeing you all for our first 2016 Saturday afternoon market. Happy New Year!!

Featured Vendors:

Vertical Gardens Northwest

Goodhart Farms Pickles Co.
(Pickles, pickled beans and jalapeños)

Everett Music Initiative - (Selling local musician merch!!)

Soniphone Records

Keepin It Creepy

Whipped Up

Eli Wolff

Land of Fayelon

Madeline Chadwick Handbags

Firefly Natural Goods 

Acacia Natural Health

Moyo Workshop

Scarlet Ibis Coffee

Creation Hot Shop

Spark Plug Industries

5 Lines Pottery

Free garage parking at the Everpark Garage, located at 2815 Hoyt Avenue between Hewitt and California. Kitty corner from the Basecampvenue location of the Everett Makers Market.

Winter Gardens Indoor and Outdoors

Lately we have been focusing on maximizing our garden walls to perform during the colder winter months. We have developed units to allow you to bring your outdoor walls indoors very simply. To modify your existing wall all you need to do is buy indoor pots to set in on the bottom row of your wall garden. You can either make a simple hanging rack that can sit on the floor or you could take off your hangers and screw the frame into the wall and hang your pots. 

So far inside we have been focusing on our herb walls. We love cooking in the kitchen and nothing beats fresh herbs in our favorite recipes. We are having great success so far with the following herbs.

  • Sage
  • Curry
  • Parsley
  • Oregano (Italian and Spicy)
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Lemon Balm
  • Peppermint

Unfortunately our Opal Basil has started to decline. But I would like to note we keep the indoors much cooler typically around 66 degrees Fahrenheit. We have our herb walls hanging indoors with different exposures. So our unit that has no direct sunlight we have aimed a simple grow lamp at it for the sun times during the day. It is responding very well. The unit that is exposed to more natural light does not have any artificial lighting at this time and looks great. We have a lavender that is going to bloom soon which is a wonderful surprise during the fall.

In the outdoor units we went through and did a nice nutrient update on the soil and cleaned up any spent plant material. In some of our annual walls we decided to plant a variety of spring bulbs. We are looking forward to seeing the vertical garden walls full of beautiful crocus and tulips this spring. We are continuing to grow our edible greens outdoors as well at this time. There is no major maintenance you need to do to prepare your wall gardens for the winter. We have many walls in place with beautiful ornamental plantings that will continue to look gorgeous all winter long. And a true bonus is they harvest water and will take care of themselves during the rainy months ahead. 

Other then that we are continuing to work on creating more dynamic products for you to enjoy and gain inspiration from. We would love to hear what you are doing this winter with your gardens. And if you would like to order an indoor kit or some indoor pots to modify your existing kits please contact me at my email: Have a wonderful day and we will talk to you soon.

BadWill Market 05/10/2015 2pm to 7pm

Come check us out next Sunday 05/10/2015 from 2pm to 7pm at the BadWill Market. Grab some libations inside and check out all the awesome vendors and join us out on the patio where we'll have some sweet living wall kits ready for you to take home. The projected weather is supposed to be sunny and warm. We look forward to seeing ya'll there. 

The market is hosted at: The Rhino Room, 1535 11th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

Living walls, vertical gardens and living roofs plan in action.

We have been doing a lot of thinking over here at Vertical Gardens Northwest and we have decided to bring you more direct information and visualization of green solutions in practice. Over the next few months we will be traveling to a variety of green sustainable projects. Spanning from architecture, gardens on walls, roofs and more. All the while we will try and blog, capture and share our experience with you. Maybe with more information and awareness for the awesome impacts these garden solutions provide you will consider trying one out yourself.


Until next time get to growing and have an awesome time doing so. We would love to hear from you and if you have any suggestions on places or people that we should cover while on our journey please drop us a line. 


Spring is coming

What a warm winter we have been having in the northwest. The trees are blossoming and the crocus are popping up all around. We have settled in and sowed our seeds in anticipation of a wonderful veggie harvest to come. In the prototype lab we have been busy building out some newly designed hanging racks. We are really satisfied with what we've come up with. A great modular system that is reused, recycled and in the end more affordable for you to build out your ultimate vertical garden. The rain barrel systems with solar pumps are on the way to the site for all your outdoor low maintenance garden needs. We look forward to the upcoming spring and will be here for you with all you need for a successful garden. If you have any questions for us please email I am here for you!

Getting it together

We are having a great time over here at Vertical Gardens Northwest putting together our webpage to launch our products to you. It is a great time to get going on your winter garden planting so we will be making the store live shortly. We are in the works on some great kits that will bring you a wonderful product to display and enjoy your plants indoors or outdoors. Please keep an eye out for those and also some wonderful solar irrigation kits to make your garden even simpler to maintain allowing you more time to chill and enjoy your wonderful green space. We would love if you share your gardens and gardening experiences with us also please feel free to drop us a line or tag us on Instagram @verticalgardensnw








Here you have access to the best vertical garden / living wall planters on the market.  These planters are self-watering and are made of food grade, uv stabilized  materials. Please don't hesitate to order today.   If you require further assistance contact us at